The 9 mm Gas KORA Brno Revolver is a popular, practical, multipurpose weapon. With gas ammunition it can be used to stop an enemy attack. With signal ammo the gun gives off a loud warning signal, which is especially suitable for the training of guard dogs, and as a starting pistol in sporting events.

What is interesting is the possibility to safely and effectively shoot 15 mm fireworks rockets during celebrations.

A great advantage of this revolver is that its construction is identical to a standard gun. It has a high quality frame made of zinc alloy, and its moving parts are made of quality steel, which guarantees long life and reliability. For this reason the 9 mm gas KORA Brno revolver has an attractive product and service warranty. This along with the above standard accessories available make this gun a very popular item.



9mm GAS 2.5 REVOLVER chrome, with engraved design

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9mm GAS 2.5 REVOLVER with plastic grip

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9mm GAS 2.5 REVOLVER with rubber grip

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All revolvers can be ordered with the following types of grip:

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